March Update

Hello  Everyone


There was a study that was done around the 1950’s of two villages in Japan located near Hiroshima and

Nagasaki after the atomic bombs were released.  As many of you might know, thousands of Japanese

people developed many types of cancer and leukemia as a result of that radiation.


The exception was these two villages that survived intact with no sign of cancer.  Upon further investigation

it was found that all of the villages consumed high amounts of seaweed which is probably the highest source

of iodine that is available in food form Iodine is available in tablet and liquid forms for the non-seaweed

consumer. Other sources of iodine include:  Artichoke, Asparagus, Fish, Beans (butter, french, kidney and snap),

Blueberries, Brussel Sprouts and Cardamom.


Iodine is critical to calcium absorption, healthy bones, healthy brain and a healthy nervous systems.  Not to

mention essential for a healthy thyroid, spleen, blood, detoxifying the brain and warding off tendencies for

cataract formation.



God Bless You All,


John H. Abdo, N.D., PhD.



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