New Client Enrollment Information

While considering Dr. Abdo for your health and wellness there are some things that we would like for you to know.  

1.  We are not Medical Doctors (M.D.) and therefore we do NOT diagnose medical conditions nor do we prescribe prescription medications or Bio-Identical Hormones.

2.  Since we are not Medical Doctors, we are prohibited from filling out health insurance or disability paperwork, so we do not take health insurance as well as do not provide diagnostic codes.

3.  Our appointments can be done in person or by telephone. You may contact us at (210) 340-7911 to set up your appointment. If you must perform your appointment via phone, we require payment information before you begin your appointment. Our new client consultant Vicky Towers will help you set up your initial appointment.If she is unavailable at the time of your call our staff will take your contact information and have her return your call as soon as possible.

4. Because the new client packet is comprehensive we require that this be completed prior to your appointment. Since the appointment fee is time sensitive completing the forms in advance will help keep your cost down. You may download the paper work fill it out (click to download) and bring it with you (or mail to us in the event you have a phone appointment).   Please do not fax.
5. If you have any blood test results or any other kind of laboratory results, bring a copy with you as Dr. Abdo can use all of the information that they provide when determining his recommendations.
6. Initial consultations can be lengthy due to the complete history we acquire from you. Plan on spending  about an hour and a half with your practitioner. Dr. Abdo will review the intake and will make a customized Nutritional Recommendation for you. We refer to these recommendations as your "Program". You can plan on having your program in about a week of your appointment. A program consists of nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Most of the recommended nutritional supplements are available at Dayspring International.