Our Founder, Dr. John Abdo


John Abdo, a Naturopathic Doctor and PhD. in Clinical nutrition, has been practicing clinical nutrition for over 40 years in San Antonio, Texas. In the course of his career, he has developed a new approach to health care that is able to predict with great precision, the metabolic weaknesses of any human being years before the illness occurs. This revolutionary testing procedure has been time proven to be consistently accurate, giving an individual years of warning of a disease onset, allowing time for lifestyle changes to take affect before the disease manifests into symptoms.

 Dr. Abdo’s credentials:
  • St. Mary’s University, San Antonio Texas 1962
  • Master of Science Clayton University in St. Louis, Missouri, 1980
  • PhD in Preventative and Therapeutic Applied Clinical Nutrition from the Roger J. Williams Graduate School of Nutrition, 1981.
  • Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine from the Board of Medical Examiners for the Florida State Homeopathic Society  since 1982
  • Metabolic Research Foundation of the State of Illinois 1983
  • Research Associate in Biological Medicine at the Occidental Institute Research Foundation in British Columbia, Canada, 1991
  • Naturopathic Doctorate from the Texas Naturopathic Medical Association since 1979
  • Member of American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition.
Dr. John Abdo has conducted many seminars for various groups, including medical and dental university students.
Dr. Abdo’s approach to natural healing is not only from the physical, but includes your emotional and spiritual well-being. He has been practicing in San Antonio for over 40 years. 
About Our Staff Practitioners
Dr. Martha Rodriguez, ND, LMT
Dr. Martha Rodriguez attended the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate studies. She received a Bachelor of Naturopathy from the School of Natural and Complementary Medicine in New South Wales, Australia in 2002. 
Dr Rodriguez has a permaculture consultant certification from the Institute for Permaculture.She has developed a love for the environment and sustainable agriculture. In Australia she operated a nursery,raising and planting over a thousand fruit, nut, rainforest and many other species of trees as well as over a hundred medical herbs, plants and vegetables. She received a permaculture consultant certificate. She is presently enjoying designing edible, low maintenance landscapes beginning in her backyard.  
She has been working with Dr. John Abdo and the Dayspring staff for over five years.  Her specialties include homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and a massage.In her own diet,she believes food should be delicious as well as nutritious.
She has seen the therapeutic benefit of hands on healing.Her training includes Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage,Aromatherapy,Raindrop Technique,Cranio\Sacral Therapy,Reiki and the Bowen Technique.She has worked part-time at the Alamo Plaza Spa located in the historic Menger Hotel since 2003. 
Martha does not limit her therapeutic massage to the Alamo Plaza Spa,she offers massage at Dayspring on a limited basis,by appointment.  
Martha is also working on completing an Applied Clinical Nutrition Certificate approved by the Texas Chiropractic College, the American Naturopathic Certification Board, and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and  Oriental Medicine offered through Standard Process of Texas.
She recently received an acu-detox specialist certificate from Lincoln Recovery Center in New York City,a service of Lincoln Hospital's Psychiatry Department and licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.It is a worldwide program for the detoxification and treatment of the drug addicted person.The five-point acupuncture protocol is relaxing and helps to minimize stress,tension,craving and withdrawal symptoms.