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Medical research has established a definite link between neurotransmitters and a number of conditions. It has been concluded that deficient or excessive neurotransmitter levels may be at the root of many of these conditions. Therefore, the ability to assess the levels of various neurotransmitters offers a useful tool in addressing neurotransmitter-related conditions.
Dr. Abdo utilizes NeuroScience neurotransmitter test panels when making nutritional recommendations. 
Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living's commitment to understanding the remarkable therapeutic power of plants has resulted in the world’s largest line of essential oils and blends.  
Kangen Water
Kangen water is a healthy, toxin free, high alkaline water that is full of antioxidents and it contains the minerals and calcium that is already in your tap water. In addition, even people who have never really enjoyed drinking water, love it because it tastes delicious.






Standard Process

From seed to supplement, Standard Process oversees the manufacturing process from the moment a seed is planted until the finished product is packaged and shipped to your door. Behind every bottle is a health care professional with the knowledge and expertise to develop a program of care that is specifically tailored to meet your health care needs.
Systemic Formulas
 Tested and proven by users for over fifty years, these products are developed to aid the body's vital functions such as the immune system, organ function and overall wellness.