Testing Services
Diagnos Techs
Diagnos Techs Saliva Hormone tests are powerful tools in evaluating stress and related health problems, male/female hormone related complaints, and gastrointestinal diseases.
Dayspring offers Diagnos Techs Adrenal Stress Index, Saliva Expanded Female Hormone (Pre Menopause), Saliva-Expanded Male Hormone Test, Saliva Expanded Female Hormone (Post menopause).
Analytical Scientific Mineral Analysis (Hair Test)
This test studies the levels of 15 different minerals plus 40 different mineral ratios. They reveal powerful information about the absorption of minerals and of  excess accumulation. Today it is assumed that whatever minerals are circulating in the blood are the same as what is being absorbed in the tissue. The Hair Analysis has proven after thousand of studies to be the most effective in determining absorption and usage of minerals in the organs. No other test can do this.
Health Check Lab Blood Test
This is the most comprehensive blood test in the nation. Dayspring offers it at the lowest price. It assesses 48 different enzymes or blood counts which include blood sugar, cholesterol, heart, liver, gallbladder, kidney, stomach, spleen, lymph, bone marrow, thymus, white blood cells, pancreas function, calcium metabolism, thyroid, muscle metabolism, protein metabolism, fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, joint metabolism and many more. It can also detect allergic susceptibilities to foods, drugs and the environment. It is amazingly accurate and will definitely and clearly relate to hundreds of different symptoms that are not recognized in their connection to the blood chemistry.